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Health Club and Spa Equipment Suppliers Southend, Essex

Here at Original Sports, we sell various equipment perfect for health clubs and spas. From hygienic floor matts to plastic shoe covers for guests, we have it all. See below our various categories of products, or if you feel lost, just pick up the phone and dial 01702 669 657 – we’ll happily tell you about all of the various club equipment we sell.

A wide range of equipment at competitive prices in Essex

We’ve been supplying health clubs and spas in and around Southend with equipment for over 30 years so if you decide to purchase from us, you can purchase with confidence knowing that you’ll be getting the very best customer service available. Not only do we pride ourselves on excellent customer care, but we also make a particular effort to offer the most competitive prices to our customers. Our family-run business has been running long enough for us to know what’s important to our customers and price is something that we don’t overlook.

Essex-based specialists in health club & spa equipment

The equipment we offer covers a wide range of uses and functions. We sell high quality plastic shoe covers, perfect for wet areas such as swimming pool changing rooms. Our soap dispensers are cost-effective and high quality. Durable benches and floor matting are also available for changing rooms, ensuring that your guests stay safe and at the same time, look presentable and professional.

Those are just a handful of our products applicable for health clubs and spas, view our full range of products below. Buy in bulk or just buy one, we’re happy to meet all of our customers’ needs to the best of our ability. Give us a quick call today if you’ve got any questions at all about buying health club and spa equipment from us on 01702 669 657 or email us – [email protected]

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