Tourna Hot Glove


Keep warm in winter with this fleece mitt that slips over your hand and racket handle.

If you suffer from cold hands when playing in winter, this can affect how you play so it is recommended that you use a warming racket glove. This simple product simply slides over your playing hand and the racket handle to offer comfort and protection from the elements.

The one size fits all racket mitt is made from 100% soft, breathable and durable fleece, providing a snug fit that does not hinder movement. This winter tennis accessory is a favourite among both new and experienced players, especially those playing racket sports outdoors in the winter months. Our glove stops the cold breeze biting against your fingers, making cold weather play more tolerable.

Why is this racket mitt better than wearing a traditional tennis glove in winter?

Unlike a conventional tennis glove, this mitten is quick to put on and take off and it lets you grip the racquet bare skinned so that you can still feel it and switch your grip easily. It is so lightweight and comfortable that you can wear this tennis glove during your warm ups, whilst you are practicing and take it with you to the match. Thanks to the Tourna Hot Glove, you no longer have to wait for warm weather to get out there and play! Wear it during the colder months and keep up with your training all year round.

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