StepNpull Foot Handle Southend, Essex

The StepNpull foot handle makes opening doors quick and hygienic. Original Sports in Southend has this essential bit of kit in stock and it is available in both silver and black, so you can choose the colour which suits your building. Every business can benefit from the StepNpull as it keeps doors germ-free, reducing the threat of viruses that are spread by coming into contact with dangerous bacteria.

Many industries such as leisure, tourism, education, catering, health, retail and sports find this handle to be the best option for keeping areas sanitary. Using your foot to open a door is a much safer option than using your hands, as dirt can quickly build up on conventional hand-operated handles, putting your customers and employees at risk.

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Why do I need to install StepNpull foot handles?

Studies have shown that only around 5% of people wash their hands correctly, with 10% leaving the bathroom without washing their hands at all. These shocking statistics show that it is time to change how we open doors, as the traditional method is potentially causing staff and guests to fall ill as a result of touching contaminated surfaces. Fortunately, StepNpull is a quick, simple and cost-effective solution to this problem. It is maintenance-free, easy to install and offers a hands-free way to navigate any building.

As you can imagine, in a hospital or food preparation environment, keeping your hands clean is a must and the most important measure for preventing the spread of infection is hand hygiene. Keeping your staff healthy benefits both individuals and the whole organisation, as employees are more productive and take less time off work with illness. Original Sports also stocks large gym wipes which help keep surfaces clean, destroying 99.9% of gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, most viruses, fungi and other micro-organisms.

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