Wet Kit Bags Leeds

There are so many ways to utilise our bags and, since we also offer dispensers, we are your one stop shop for all of your wet kit bag needs! Not only are our dispensers ergonomically designed, you will be pleased to know that they are also very quick and easy to fit. Having a dispenser on the wall makes it even easier for your customers to save time by grabbing one of our wet kit bags while on the move.

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Our Wet Kit Bags Suit Many Industries Throughout Leeds, for example, they can be found in many hotel and health club changing rooms as they offer customers somewhere convenient to store their damp costumes or kit. Wet kit bags are ideally suited for use as bedroom laundry bags or holding items of lost property and the nursing home industry also uses them as hygiene related bags.

Be good to the environment with our wet kit bags – Original Sports are proud to say that our bags are 100% degradable, as we truly believe in protecting the environment and keeping our product as eco-friendly as possible.

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Each type of bag carries our ‘with compliments’ message and we offer a unique logo and name printing service, which is perfect for promoting your business and adding that special final touch to a customer’s visit.

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Clients in Leeds have chosen us as their number one hotel and leisure industry supplier since 1993, since we are known for our excellent service and superior quality products. Our high standards and customer care record earned us the ‘Best Retailer’ award in 2009 at the Southend and District Business Awards.

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