Wet Kit Bags Liverpool

Our products are not ordinary or run of the mill; our wet kits bags are durable, versatile and we offer a printing service that provides an amazing promotion opportunity. By printing your company name and logo on each bag, your branding will be seen by potentially hundreds, perhaps thousands of people whenever they make use of a wet kit bag.

Our wet kit bags offer clients in Liverpool a unique promotional opportunity

You can add that finishing touch to your customers’ visit with our printed, eco-friendly wet kits bags which are 100% degradable and there is a style to suit every need.

Wide variety of products available to buy online!

We have decades of experience providing businesses across Liverpool with high quality wet kit bags

As well as supplying businesses across Liverpool with a range of wet kit bags, we provide the dispensers to match so everything you need is here in one convenient place, available to purchase at very competitive prices. Dispensers supplied by us are simple to fit and have an ergonomic design, perfect for when customers need to grab a wet kit bag on the go!

These devices are ideally suited for use in schools, gyms, pools and health clubs and have a smart, sleek look that will compliment the style of any room. A variety of industries can benefit from our products and there are many different possible uses for our bags, ranging from bedroom laundry bags and lost property to hygiene related bags in nursing homes.

Expert sports equipment and wet kit bag suppliers with loyal customers throughout Liverpool and nationwide

We are an award-winning business-to-business (B2B) and wholesale supply company, with a team of experienced professionals who have been providing Leeds with quality sports equipment and accessories since 1993.

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